Exterior restoration combined with interior modernization and restoration provides comfortable modern living convenience within historic structures.

Renossance Inc.

Renossance Inc. is a renovation and historical restoration company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

With over 25 years of experience working on old masonry and wood frame buildings we have a deep understanding of Victorian era and early 1900s building methodology, materials, and systems from foundation to roof and how best to mesh old, intentionally ventilated building structures with modern building envelope engineering design and building code standards. We preserve original design intent ensuring incompatible modern materials do not damage historic structure.

We are listed as approved historic restoration specialists in carpentry and masonry in municipalities across Ontario.

We modernize and/or restore interior spaces to meet current energy efficiency guidelines ensuring comfortable and convenient interior living spaces within an old building envelope.

We provide new construction services including custom building, additions, and extensions, Our attention to detail and unsurpassed knowledge of modern building science ensures the value of a dollar spent is protected long into the future.

Renossance Inc. is owned and operated by Euan Lowson supported by a loyal, committed team of carpenters, site supervisors, and the best subcontractors found anywhere in the GTA.

We engage in all kinds of projects, and none are too odd or unique for us to take on. We love a challenge. It's very hard to nail us down to one particular skill set as we do it all. We continually reeducate always pursuing the newest and latest materials and methods. If the intent is to have quality work done that will stand the test of time we are interested and are able to help. We have a strong commitment to providing an excellent customer experience, almost all of our work comes through referrals and repeat customers. Our word of mouth referral is our strongest testament.

Our web site is new and under occasional 'renovation' itself from time to time. Please forgive us if it's simple or not perfect, it's mainly intended as a photo album or place to view our work. We're not necessarily the best at documenting our projects or recording every one we've done, by no means is what you find here comprehensive or exhaustive of what we can and have done.

Our focus is on providing quality, reliable workmanship, communicating well with our existing and potential clients, and not on being fancy photographers, web technicians, or putting up smoke and mirror effects. We are real, honest, and hard working. We're not consumed with social media, but we see the benefit of what it has to offer, and we're trying to incorporate more of it into our daily operations. This will happen, it has not quite yet been resolved how and in what way, but it will....stay tuned!!!