Bathroom Remodeling & Renovations in Toronto

Bathrooms are some of the most important and personal spaces in a house.
Transforming your master or second bathroom into the newest, and favourite rooms in the house.
You won’t believe the difference, we’re second to none, consistently delivering the best quality bathroom remodeling work available.
You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.
Let us show you how.

Master bathrooms, guest bathrooms, powder rooms, second or third bathrooms…bathrooms serve a lot of different purpose and come in a lot of different sizes, shapes, and these days endless possible detail can be incorporated into a new bathroom. Bathrooms are complex and detailed parts of a house. Each bathroom is essentially like building a tiny little house because it involves almost every element that goes into building a complete house. Bathrooms, properly built, function like little systems where all components need to be done each properly and completely unto itself, but importantly as a part of the whole or it just doesn’t work.

That’s why it is so important to choose a renovator who understands all of the many, complex details that go into building a bathroom properly, and can help guide you through the process. If on a top floor the attic and roof might be involved, even skylights and windows, exterior walls and insulation requirements. If in a basement the foundation and floor become very important details to consider. Every bathroom remodeling project requires inspection and correction of framing and structural elements, plumbing and electrical components must be inspected and corrected to meet modern code and safety requirements, ventilation (exhaust, very important) and lighting need to be considered and dealt with properly, soundproofing can be important, as is waterproofing and tile setting. An old, worn, and dated bathroom is something you can be used to living with, but when it is replaced properly with a new modern bathroom with heated floors, and bright new tile, fixtures, counters, glass shower and tub enclosures you will suddenly realize how much you were really turning a blind eye to.

Steam and sauna units can be incorporated into bathrooms or bathroom areas, built in bath/showers, standalone bathtubs with separate shower areas, double sinks and mirrors. Curbless showers are something we have been building for many, many years now. Many will tell you they can’t or shouldn’t be done, we definitely disagree with any such statement. Each bathroom should be considered according to the user and location in the house. We have all of the expertise, experience, and support of suppliers and sub-trades required to handle any level of bathroom renovation anyone might require. There is no level of detail or customization that we cannot handle. We will help you to realize the bathroom(s) of your dreams, and bring it to reality for you to enjoy for decades to come.