Home Addition Contractors in Toronto

Renovation of an existing, older home in Toronto often reveals the need to expand to gain additional living space. As home addition contractors in Toronto, this is where we come in. Creating additional living space can be accomplished by putting in an addition, usually at the rear of the house, or by converting and old attic space into livable space. Additions are added at ground level and involve putting in new foundations, and usually, but not always including new basement area, ground floor area, and second or third floors. Extensions involve expansion of attic space or creation of an entire new floor level by removing the existing roof putting a new floor level in with a completely new roof above. Dormers of all kinds can be added to existing roofs to create additional head room so floor area can be used for new bedrooms, bathrooms, or dens.

Additions and extensions are usually done as part of a larger scope of work renovating the interior and exterior of older buildings. This work is invasive, time consuming, and expensive, but the results are stunning and will transform old poorly used living space into clean, modern, bright, and well laid out spaces that will serve property owners well for decades. This kind of work always requires the services of architects, designers, engineers, every trade there is, and of course permits and inspections. Hiring the right general contractor to work with these professionals is a hugely important aspect of the process.

Let us work with you and all of the others involved in this exiting process and help ensure your investment is protected by doing the work the way it should be done, once, right, the first time.